What Counselling?

Counselling is essentially a lively, human and personal experience between two people. In particular;

  • It is about helping you to discover more about yourself.
  • It involves being prepared to share some of your deepest and most uncomfortable feelings and can be both comforting and challenging.
  • It is different from other kinds of help, where, appropriately at times diagnosis or assessment is made.

Counselling is not about judging or minimising your problems but about valuing and respecting the efforts you are making to try and work things out.
Counselling does not claim to be the answer to all human difficulties, but aims to help you find your own answers, by becoming more in charge of your life.
It is a contract between yourself and a counsellor to work in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment. I am here to listen and advise.


About Me

When I was younger, I spent 20 years in foster care. My previous career was in the building trade but due to spinal surgery, I was unable to return to my previous profession and because I have a gift for listening to people I decided to become a counseller. I have also been helping the homeless for 12 years and help in the after school kid’s clubs. I have been an active member of my church for the last 30 years, where I play saxophone and bongos.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Contact us

UK Charity Number EW09823


"I really appreciate the effort and time you have invested in me. Your concern and genuine desire to help me become a good influence in my life was tremendously helpful, words con not express how thankful I am for your support. You are the best counsellor I have ever met and I am so thankful for your help. I am now excited to wake up everyday with the strength and encouragement that you showed me I had within me all along!!" - Zoe, Croydon
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